Our app accurately picks up music you select from your iPhone and generates a rhythmic drumbeat on your shoulder.
Our app turns your iPhone into your personal drum. Every time you pat on the screen, the BodyRhythm will respond with the same beat on your shoulders. Adjust the intensity to find your ideal beat.
With the shake function on the BodyRhythm, you can move your iPhone to your own beat.
The BodyRhythm app can record the drumbeat playlist you created so you can enjoy it again later or share the experience with your friends.
Our Facebook and Twitter communities are a great place to share song selections and connect with other BodyRhythm users.
The iMusic BodyRhythm connects with the iOS system via Bluetooth 3.0 and is designed to work with Apple MFI standards, which ensures the stability during signal transmission and provides a quick and easy set up process as well.
Our zipper design allows you to use the BodyRhythm securely, ensuring a more comfortable experience while you use the app. We have recently been awarded with a patent for the zippers unique performance.