About Us

What is iMusic BodyRhythm?

iMusic BodyRhythm is the first device that turns music rhythms into a physical experience. It works with an iPhone app and directly links to the playlists on your iPhone. With our unique music sync algorithm, you can enjoy the auto-synced beats from the rhythm of your favorite music, or tap and shake your iPhone to create your own drumbeat with any song as background. This innovative gadget gives you a new way to relax and enjoy your own music experience. Now, iMusic BodyRhythm takes the popular Gangnam Style to the next level, allowing you to feel the catchy beats that millions of people have only heard!

For the first time, you can not only listen to music…you can feel it too!

About the Creator - Uwe Diegel - and his team

After studying music in Canada and at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, Uwe Diegel performed worldwide as a concert pianist for several years. In 1989 he was forced to change his career due to an injury to his right arm. He developed a new technology for the processing and production of low-lactose milk products and in 1992 he entered the world of medical diagnostics, quickly developing a particular interest in the field of cardiovascular diagnostics.

In 2011, Uwe started a new company called iCess and quickly formed a team that including designers, user experience researchers and engineers. The team is focusing on transferring traditional products into app-enabled accessories for iOS platform. With a deep study on new technologies and the interaction between people and everyday products, iCess is aiming to bring more colorful, flexible and inspiring using experience to users.